Fallen Angel Tee

  • Fallen Angel Tee
  • Fallen Angel Tee
  • Fallen Angel Tee
  • Fallen Angel Tee
  • Fallen Angel Tee

Super soft manufacturers 'second' tees, however with my Chloe Haywood London magic, I have sprinkled some glamour and fun in the form of SEQUINS!

Comes in Grey with GOLD wing and you can now ORDER a White Tee with PINK glittery wing...O-M-G...or Pink on Pink...you tell me!

One sequin Angel wing falls over the shoulder which gives a little glamour to an otherwise plain tee.
In three sizes (YIPPEEE)
**Subject to change as limited sizes / colours**
X Small: 8-10 - Out of stock
Small: 10-12 - Out of stock
Medium: 12-14
Large: 14-16 - Out of stock

Great item for Summer but see you through to Autumn / Winter. Why should a garment just be for one season?!

*Wash on a low heat inside out - don't tumble dry!*

If you have an item you'd like me to repurpose, then please do contact me and we can talk about options.

Waste Free
Hand sewn
Made in Britain

Will be packaged in recycled luxury tissue paper or boxed if preferred - see options below.