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I Want Your Woolies!

I am always after your finest cast offs, and in return I will send you a voucher for you to spend in my shop!

  • All you need to do is
    email me with what you have
  • with the weight and dimensions of your parcel
  • all your contact details (ie name, address, tel no
and I'll email you a shipping label by return, so you can ship it to me for free (you just need to have a printer).

When the parcel arrives with me, I'll take a look at what you've sent and email you your voucher code, and that's it!

I'm currently in need of:

Colourful Cashmere

Candle stubs 

Metallic leather offcuts 

Broken umbrellas, or similar fabric (no black please)

Woven strapping and clips (the kind you'd find on a backpack or belt)

So get in touch now and message me HERE 

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