I am always after your finest cast offs, and in return I will send you a voucher for you to spend in my shop!

All you need to do is email me with what you have, then the weight and dimensions of your parcel and all your contact details and I'll email you a shipping label so you can ship it to me for free (you just need to have a printer).

I will then look at what you've sent and email you your voucher code, and that's it!

I'm currently in need of:

NEW! Boys / men's Swimming Shorts (funky designs)

Colourful Cashmere

Candles stubs and old wax crayons

Leather offcuts / products

Broken umbrellas, or similar fabric (no black please)

Working zips (ideally no longer than 20cm)

Woven strapping and clips (the kind you'd find on a backpack or belt)

So get in touch now and email me at chloe@chloehaywoodlondon.com

Check out my FIRST EVER instagram live where I explain a little bit more about how it all works: Chloe Haywood London WANTS YOUR WOOLIES