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Cashmere Hand Warmers (Pair)

£3.50 - £10.00

Handmade microwable hand warmers in a basic square shape. You'll be buying a matching pair (please see my other listing where you can buy in singles in Star or Heart shape.

Specially designed to mould to your hands to soothe and warm whilst walking the dog, walking to school on those icy mornings or a nice treat when going for an early morning run...wish I'd thought of these earlier!!

Filled with Chrysanthemum scented rice ready to for warming.
Pop it in the microwave for 20-30 seconds, and smell that aroma and feel that warmth! Perfect to pop in your pocket when walking to school / work or walking the dog.

Upcycled (cashmere and cotton lining)
Organic cotton (thread) & rice
Waste free
Made in UK