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Repurposed Cashmere Infinity Scarf


Upcycled and beautifully soft 100% cashmere wool offcuts, sewn into a long infinity scarf which can folded three times for comfort and warmth.

Each scarf is completely unique, as its made from cashmere offcuts that purely look absolutely gorgeous together.

Wear it long, with a pea coat, or twice for a relaxed but cosy look. Three times for ultimate warmth. But you can also use this to cover your ears in a biting, chilly wind, plus over your nose and mouth if popping into a shop quickly.

One Size (measurements can vary slightly from scarf to scarf): Length 70cm long (from neck to bottom) x 15cm wide (double thickness)

Waste Free
Organic Cotton (to sew)
Made in Britain

Will be packaged in a special box for delivery - perfect for gifting too.